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Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of working for a large variety of clients, both as Creative Screen and in our former roles. Whether working through other companies, agents or directly to clients, this list includes...

eUconnect Ltd  .  European Commission   .   PERA   .   UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office  .  Missing People  .  Transport For London  .  E! Entertainment  .   EFER   .   Inside Track   .   The Retreat Hair And Beauty Salon  .  Stephanie Paillason - French Tuition  .  Win Investing   .  Royal Borough Of Kensington & Chelsea  .  Octavia Housing Pink Elephant Parking  .  Pharmacentre Pharmacy  .  Dominion Housing Group  .   Targeted Television Media

eUconnect Ltd -

"…our company works with Governments and very large corporations across the world, so our design needs to be culturally sensitive and elegant. Ash has a brilliant range of styles at his command and really manages to communicate energy and cutting-edge ‘cool’ in his work. He’s given us title sequences, logo development and several large client web sites…and he always manages to nail it."  John Dale, Director, EUCONNECT LIMITED [February 2011]

Targeted Television Media -

" It is a pleasure to work with Creative Screen. We have come to rely on their prompt reliable execution of our commercials. We work in a high pressure and sometimes exacting environment where keeping within budgets without loosing creativity is essential. Creative Screen have always fulfilled these objectives for us. " Melanie Ensor - Director - Targeted Television Media

The Retreat Hair And Beauty Salon

" Just wanted to say that the website is great!!! Everyone thinks its really professional and well done, so thanks for your hard work.  I've had a few people ask where I had it done so I've been recommending you to everyone I speak to.  When you're next in the area, drop some business cards into me and I'll leave them in the salon for clients to take.  Thanks again, I'm so pleased with it and you can tell you worked very hard on it and took a lot of care over it. "   Sarah - Proprietor - The Retreat Hair And Beauty Salon

Stephanie Paillason - French Tuition

" Starting out working for myself, I knew marketing would be the key to establishing myself as quickly as possible and building a client base. Creative Screen were quick to understand my business and what I was trying to achieve and worked with me to create effective marketing materials and website. This has had a direct positive impact on my business which has expanded over the past few months. It has been a pleasure to deal with them as they react quickly, think about what they're doing and keep me informed along the way. "   Stephanie Paillason


Other Comments

" It was great to work with Creative Screen on our 'floridavillaandpool.com' website. We had a clear idea of the tone we wanted and Ashley was able to interpret this visually. Deadlines were always met and we felt that the price we paid for what we got was very reasonable. We will be using them for any future work. "    Naomi Rose

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