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Octavia Housing

Win Investing

Motional Media

RBKC Fostering

Inside Track





A promotional film made to attract clients to advertise on Motional Media's digital bus channel in London.
Bus Screen Promo

An advert to promote a new housing development in the Wembley area, with an emphasis on key workers.
Octavia Advert

An advert to promote the free stock market training sessions run by Win Investing.
Win Advert

An advert for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to attract potential foster carers into their programme.
RBKC Advert

A promotional film made to attract clients to advertise on Motional Media's digital bus channel in London.
Motional Media

An advert to promote an 'all-hours' walk-in medical clinic and pharmacy in Edgeware Rd.

An advert to promote Inside Track's property investment workshops. Multi-panel design to match the company's printed invitations.
Inside Track

An advert to promote a car-washing service at a Heathrow airport long-stay car park.
Teamwork UK

An advert to promote the services of Dominion Housing Group, who help key workers and first time buyers find a home.
Dominion Housing

An information film to help the passengers on Pink Elephant's shuttle buses to the terminal at Stansted airport.
Stansted Airport


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Dominion Housing

Teamwork UK



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Info Film - TFL

Info Film - TFL


An animated version of a Transport For London campaign to make public transport a quieter place to be.
TFL Info 1

An animated version of a Transport For London campaign to make public transport a safer place to be.
TFL Info 2




















Digital Out Of Home / Digital Signage

Call it what you will, but in a world where there seems to be a video screen just about everywhere - bus, train, shopping centre, bar, street, mobile phone - there have never been more opportunities to get your message across to such large audiences - and compared to more traditional routes such as broadcast TV - at such reasonable rates. We can help to achieve a top-quality screen presence without using most of your advertising spend to get the material produced...

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We have many years of experience in the production of media for out-of-home digital channels, and combine this specialist knowledge with the core production skills of image acquisition, scriptwriting, graphics, animation and video editing, to ensure that a client will maximise the potential of their screen time. Whether its a straight advert, a quiz or competition, a news or sports bulletin, daily weather report, interactive blog or an information film, we can help...


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Commisioning the production of your advertisement or your public information message does not have to be a daunting or expensive proposition. Chances are you have most of what you need already  your logo and company livery, some photographs, maybe a website and, of course, your own ideas!

If you are having trouble viewing any of these WMV movies, please click on the icons at the bottom right of this page to view in QuickTime format. They may take a little time to download but should play in your default player.


Some Inside Knowledge

There are many
parameters to think about when producing for these relatively new media channels, such as...

Lighting conditions – what colour combinations will not only match the brand but will also work in bright lighting conditions?

Distance from screen
– what size and type of font will give maximum readability without looking obtrusive, ugly or outdated? 

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Dwell time  - Short glimpse? Do you go for an animated poster where key information is there from the start? Captive audience? How about using your time-line to initially intrigue and hook an audience, then lead them towards the pay-off where they get all the important information.

The majority of
these out-of-home media channels are mute, and so it's neccessary for a reliance on the written word – without falling into the traps of presenting what appears to be a confused page of teletext, a motionless digital poster, or just a re-hashed video clip with lacklustre subtitles. With a little imagination, maybe some animation and a few effects it is possible to incorporate this story-telling text into the fabric of the advert, with smooth and attractive results.

Production Toolkits and Training 

Sometimes the impact of an advertising campaign can be greatly enhanced by being updated with topical content on a daily basis - such as a daily weather forecast, pollen count or even a news headline or two. To make this a cost effective proposition, we can create a production toolkit that allows a user to quickly and easily update an advert with topical content whilst maintaining the integrity of the advert’s design. We can also offer training to whoever would be taking on this task. These toolkits can also be useful if you are a channel owner who wants an item of non-advertising content for your channel.

How little, how much?

Clients that I have worked with have appreciated my flexible approach to their specific needs - whether converting existing material into vibrant screen-based media, or producing their project from start to finish.

As well as these 'outdoor' media outlets, we can also produce videos for web and mobile phone applications.


Downloadable Videos

Still highly compressed, but please feel free to download these slightly higher resolution video files...


Promo - Motional Media 1 - 7.2 mb      Advert - Octavia Housing - 7.3 mb Advert - Teamwork UK - 7.4 mb       Advert - RBKC Fostering  -  5 mb
Promo - Motional Media 2 - 3.1 mb    Advert - Stansted Airport - 7.5 mb

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