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Additional Services

Whether helping to launch a new company - breathing new life into an existing one - adding extra polish to presentations, tender bids or publicity material - Creative Screen offer a range of services that can really make a difference in the way a company is perceived. Have a look below to see how we could help - if you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch, and if we can't help we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

Branding and Company Logo Design

By working closely with a client, we can create a logo and livery that matches their company's profile, and appeals to their target demographic. With good connections in both the creative and the advertising industry, we are able to gain invaluable feedback during the design process to make sure we hit the spot.

Below are a couple of examples of logos designed over the past few years – please click the thumbnails for the bigger picture. 






Creative Digital Photography

Whether for screen media, web or print, we are able to capture and create the kind of images to truly attract and engage an audience. Use the thumbnails below to take a colourful journey through England, France and Egypt. Click thumbnails for a larger view.

Digital Photography - Spider        Digital Photography - Richmond Tulips        Digital Photography - Dandelion Duo        Digital Photography - Lower Sunbury Daff        Digital Photography - Chilly Day In Surrey 

Digital Photography - Flying In Cornwall        Digital Photography - On The Wing - Cornwall        Digital Photography - Making A Splash - Cornwall        Digital Photography - Gordes Girl - Provence        Digital Photography - Papillon De Provence   

                Digital Photography - Nile Sunset 1        Digital Photography - Rameses The Great - Karnak - Luxor        Digital Photography - Green Ribbon Nile

Digital Photography - Goat Washing In The Nile        Digital Photography - Nile Sunset 2        Digital Photography - Hazy Evening - Richmond Park        Digital Photography - Oh Deer - Bushy Park - Hampton        Digital Photography - It Was Meant To Skim - Thames     

Digital Photography - Richmond Park Sunset 1        Digital Photography - Richmond Park Sunset 2        Digital Photography - AM at Norbiton Station         Digital Photography - Sorry We're Closed - Richmond Park        Digital Photography - Any Ideas?

               Digital Photography - Nile Felucca            Digital Photography - Roussillon - Provence            Digital Photography - That Etang Again            Digital Photography - Fireblower France



Digital Image Manipulation - Photograph Enhancement
*This part of the website is currently under construction - more coming

Whether it's an image needed for commercial use or a personal photo that needs a little bit of re-touching, we can take it and make it the image it always should have been.

A photograph can sometimes lack that extra edge to really make it jump out at you - perhaps the weather created a photograph that looks murky or flat, the picture of a one-time-only event is perfect apart from that potted plant growing from the top of someone's head, maybe its just a matter of just getting rid of those red eyes or re-framing a little - with our long experience of digital manipulation, we should be able to breathe a whole new lease of life into your image. 

Have a look below for some examples of how a little wizardry can add impact - to see the enhanced version, just hover your cursor over each image.





Voice-Over Service

Creative Screen have access to a pool of experienced voice-over artists who can be matched to a project’s specific needs, and recorded using professional quality digital audio.

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